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Video Shows at KFI, Chennai

At a talkKrishnamurti Foundation India has been organising fortnightly video shows on weekends for the past several years. The selection of videos includes new archival videos that have not been screened before. The videos are high quality DVD with English subtitles.

Forthcoming Video Show

KRISHNAMURTI FOUNDATION INDIA invites you to a video screening: 

Date: 19 February 2017, Sunday at 6pm
ThemeCan we together create a Good Society? - 2nd Public Talk, Saanen 1979

"To bring about a good society, human beings have to change. You and I must find the energy, the impetus, the vitality to bring about this radical transformation of the mind, and that is not possible if we do not have enough energy. We need a great deal of energy to bring about a change within ourselves, but we waste our energy through conflict, through resistance, through conformity, through acceptance, through obedience."

- The Collected Works, Vol. XVI",152,Choiceless Awareness.

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