Future of Humanity, The

the_future_of_humanityPart of his incisive dialogues with physicist David Bohm, in this important book Krishnamurti explores the prospects for the continued existence of our world, given our immense capabilities for self-destruction. In these insightful discussions, Krishnamurti and Bohm reexamine such age-old conundrums as the meaning of time, the trap of social conditioning, the relationship of self and community, and the nature of consciousness.

Beginning with the question, 'What is the future of Humanity?', they point out that while modern technology is often blamed for having created immense havoc in the social structure, the root problem - destructive human tendencies – has existed for all of recorded time. They further assert that the individual holds the key to averting disaster.

Krishnamurti proposes no answers. Rather, he reveals through these dialogues how individuals can begin to understand their own thinking about the fundamental questions of human existence. The Future of Humanity suggests that we can get beyond our destructive conditioning. It urges us to begin to change our patterns of ego-centred activity now, so that humanity will be diverted from its present malevolent course.

David Bohm is Professor Emeritus of Physics at the University of London. Previous dialogues between Krishnamurti and Bohm were published in The Ending of Time.

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