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We have been reporting from time to time the release of new DVDs; these are mass produced and are available off our shelves. (Write to us for a free catalogue on these.)

However, since we keep receiving more and more DVDs from the Foundation in England, and since it will be not be possible to mass produce all of them, we have now decided to offer these for sale against specific individual orders. Given below is a list of such DVDs.

Prices: Rs 125/- per DVD. (Rs. 450/- per set of The Transformation of Man) 

Please use the order form to purchase from this store.

1978 Seminar at Brockwood Park (B & W)

  1. The art of questioning; 93 min. (12 September)
  2. Is it possible never to be hurt?; 102 min. (13 September)
  3. Can you face the fact that you are absolutely nothing?; 104 min. (14 September)
  4. Observing fear as it happens; 99 min. (16 September)
  5. Pain is the reaction to attachment; 95 min. (17 September)
  6. Can I be a light globally?; 86 min. (18 September)
  7. What is it that flowers?; 105 min. (19 September)

1978 brockwood

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1981-1983 Conversations with Pupul Jayakar at Brockwood (B & W)

  1. A dialogue on death; 60 min. (7 June 1981, 2nd conversation)
  2. How does one inquire into the source of all life?; 91 min. (21 June 1982)
  3. Can we live without the burden of a thousand yesterdays?; 68 min. (23 June 1982)
  4. What will bring about a change in the brain?; 77 min. (24 June 1983)
  5. Why are we frightened to be nothing?; 68 min. (25 June 1983)

1981 brockwood

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1978-79. 6 Conversations with Buddhist Scholars


(All B & W except the 1972 conversation)

In 1978

1. We are all caught in the idea of progress (22 June). 114 min.
Sub-titles: English, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Thai.
2. Can we live without identifying? (23 June) 94 min.
Sub-titles: English, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Thai.
3. Does free will exist? (23 June) 115 min.
Sub-titles: English, Italian, Spanish, Thai.

In 1979

1. Truth (28 June) 93 min.
Sub-titles: English, Italian, Spanish, Thai.
Audio: Italian
2. Death. (28 June) 104 min.
Sub-titles: English, Italian, Spanish, Thai.
Audio: French, Italian

In 1972

What is meditation? Conversation with Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. (15
February). 40 min.
Sub-titles: English, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Thai, Marathi

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1984 With Ronald Eyre at Brockwood Park

Can fear be completely wiped away? (24 June) 85 min

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1979 Seminars at Brockwood Park (B & W)

1. What is one to do in a world of increasing violence? (13 September) 89 min
2. Observing my prejudices (14 September) 89 min
3. What is the root cause of disorder in the world? (15 September) 83 min
4. When the illusion of individuality ends (16 September) 84 min
5. What do I do in a deteriorating world? (17 September) 91 min
6. Can you have insight if there is a centre? (18 September) 81 min

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