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Education and the challenges of life

education_and_the_challenges_of_lifeAn MP3 of 6 Talks – to school children, college students, teachers, and parents. It consists of:

  1. The Quality of Attention : A statement by Krishnamurti on education
  2. The Right Relationship Between Teacher and Pupil : A Talk to the Children of the Rajghat Besant School, Varanasi on 24th November 1972.


What is Life all About?

what_is_life_all_aboutAn MP3 of 5 Talks released for the first time

These five talks have been chosen mainly in order to introduce Krishnamurti's teachings to those not previously acquainted with it. The wide range of human issues that he usually dwelt upon in his talks, writings, and dialogues are to be found in this series too, and while going into each of them, he shows carefully how they are all interrelated. 


The Art of Meditation

the art of meditationMP3 (audio) of 5 Public Talks on the theme, given between 1969 and 1978.  Unlike most other religious teachers, Krishnamurti does not offer a method of meditation. On the contrary, he states categorically that meditation is not a practice, a system of prayer, or the repetition of a mantra. It is not learning how to concentrate or how to control thoughts; nor is it a spiritual exercise undertaken at set times every day.


Why man does not change?

why_man_does_not_changeAn MP3 of 5 Talks

What needs transformation is not society but the human psyche, says Krishnamurti in these five public talks in which he approaches the issue from different perspectives.