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On Mind and Thought

on_mind_and_thoughtKrishnamurti has said “It is only when the mind is completely still that there is a possibility of touching the deep waters”. Ascertaining the distinction between conditioned thought and truly creative thinking, On Mind and Thought explores what Krishnamurti referred to as “that vast space in the brain in which there is unimaginable energy."


On Nature and the Environment

on_nature_and_the_environmentAs early as 1948 Krishnamurti said: "Because we do not love the earth and the things of the earth but merely utilize them…we have lost touch with life…We have lost the sense of tenderness, that sensitivity, that response to things of beauty; and it is only in the renewal of that sensitivity that we can have understanding of what is true relationship."


On Truth

on_truthOn Truth offers Krishnamurti's most profound ruminations on the search for truth. In 1929, he began his life of public teaching by saying,"Truth is a pathless land." Throughout his many years of speaking to audiences of all ages and backgrounds, he continually emphasized that truth can not be approached through the instrument of thought. 


Second Krishnamurti Reader, The

the_second_krishnamurti_readerGenuine reform, says Krishnamurti, can be brought about only by individuals who have discovered what it is to love and to ‘see’. In this radical text, which brings together two of his most popular and influential works, The Only Revolution and The Urgency of Change, the spiritual teacher who rebelled against religion points to a new order arising when we have died to everything we know, for only then can we give birth to the innocence that allows ‘the timeless new to come into being’.