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Alavitarra Manam

alavitarra manamFrom very ancient times, human beings have been taught to regard thought as the most powerful and perhaps the only instrument they have for dealing with life. Krishnamurti shatters this dearly held notion by declaring that the instrument of thought produces havoc within individuals and in the world at large. Thought, no doubt, has helped man to progress in functional areas, and it has its rightful place there. But in the psychological realm, the solutions it offers only create more problems.


Arindadinirndrum Viduthalai

arindadinirndrum_viduthalaiEver since it was published in 1969 (English Version), this book has rightly been regarded as a primer on Krishnamurti's teachings. Here we have for the first time a synthesis of what Krishnamurti has to say about the human predicament and the eternal problems of living. It was Krishnamurti himself who asked Mary Lutyens, his biographer, to compile this book for him and who suggested the title for it.


Kalviyum Vaazhkaiyin Magatthuvamum

kalviyum vaazhkaiyin magatthuvamum

The basic book on Krishnamurti's vision of a new kind of education.

Krishnamurti had a life-long interest in education, and this book is the earliest and most expository of his books on the subject. Focussing on the central vision that life 'has a wider and deeper significance' and that it is the concern of education to come upon it, he explores various other connected themes—authority versus freedom, the responsibility of teachers and parents, the role of religion in education, discipline, intelligence, and so on.



Krishnamurtiyin Naaledugal

krishnamurtiyin_naaledugalTamil translation of Krishnamurti’s Journal. In September 1973 Krishnamurti Suddenly started keeping a journal. He made daily entries in a notebook, first while staying at Brockwood Park in Hampshire, England, and then in Rome and California.


Maanudathin Thedalgal

maanudathin thedalgal How does one live sanely in this world of violence and corruption? Is it possible for man to find everlasting security? How does one deal with one's anger, frustration, sexual desire, loneliness, and fear? Is a human being a mere thinking machine or is there something beyond thought? What is true meditation? What is the place of religion in the modern world?


Naam Piravendiya Maatram

naam piravendiya maatramIn this book Krishnamurti goes more deeply into the psychological problems of living peacefully in a violent world than in any of his previous writings; therefore it presents a greater challenge to our understanding than ever before. The questions he answers are asked for the most part by those who have already, unsuccessfully, sought wisdom from many teachers and philosophers in many parts of the world.